These are a few of the questions we get from our customers –  if it doesn’t answer any others you may have – feel free to get in touch.

The best ways to get in touch with us is by email, Facebook and Instagram. We may ask you to come in for a free consult so we can get a more accurate idea of what you are after. From here, once you’re happy - it's just a matter of putting down a deposit (which comes off the price of the tattoo) to secure your date and get your artist designing. 

We have a flash wall of one-off tattoo designs ready to go which are priced per piece. Our minimum charge is $180, and if you would like to know a price on a custom piece, flick us a message, or book in a free consult with the shop.

A tattoo is a form of artwork, and the saying is true - you get what you pay for. A quality design, drawn by an actual artist, tattooed in a sterile friendly environment - or a free one by your mate Dave in his garage with a machine he bought on Trademe.  
To all Dave’s friends  - we also do cover-ups. 

Our current waiting list for 16yr olds is two years. 

Things come up - we understand this, but please respect that we have set time aside for you, which means other people can't grab that spot - so please give us 48hrs min notice and your deposit will transfer to your new date. No-shows will not receive their deposit back, this goes to the tattoo artist as a drawing fee/loss of earnings.

We're not going to lie to you - it doesn't tickle. But you can handle it - we've never had anyone stop before (only that guy years ago that now walks around with 2 small lines on his bicep). Everyones pain threshold is different - but we wouldn't be in business if it was something you couldn't handle. 

Be rested, have something to eat, no heavy nights the night before - and just let the artist know if you have any nerves. 

Each of our tattooers book out at different stages, however we aim to have an artist available at all times for walk-ins. Saturdays tend to book up the fastest - so get in touch if you want to secure a specific date. 

As above, we do aim to have an tattooist free for walk in's - and we have a wall of one-off flash ready to go. 

We have artists who cover, Reaslim, Traditional, Black & Grey, Cartoon, Fineline, Dotwork and Japanese. Check out our "ARTISTS" page to see more details about their individual styles.  

We have an aftercare card available here in the shop to let you know how to look after your tattoo - but the simple stuff, don't go having a sauna, don't go sunbathing, don't pick off any skin - this is it's natural healing process. We also have an aftercare cream we sell and recommend. 

We are at 5X Central Road, Kingsland - with plenty of street parking in the area, and a free carpark at the end of the road (2mins walk away). The train station is also just a one minute walk away. 

Eftpos, credit card (in store), cash, bank transfer and AfterPay!

Yes - we have tattoo vouchers in store, and can be made up to any denomination. 

These guys don't seem to think so… 
“My first time in your shop, and I have to say - I was so impressed with your artists and the awesome set up. Definitely my new tattoo studio."
"Super pleased with my new ink and loving the non pretentious vibe. Cheers guys!"
"Just got my first, and already booked in my second. You guys rock."